Marketing Analytics, Campaign ROI Tracking, and Conversion Optimization

Measure Return On Investment  ::  Exceed Your Expectations
Whether it's online search engine optimization or telephone campaign tracking, Attach can help you. 

Conversion Optimization
Analyzing click-throughs from search engine natural and paid campaign visitors will enable you to optimize your campaigns for better performance and increased conversion.

Return On Investment
Determining campaign ROI (Return on Investment) and ROAS (Return/Revenue on Advertising Spent), and deciding changes needed to be implemented in marketing campaigns is simple with analytics, tracking software, and tools with a proven track record making importing Google, Yahoo, MSN campaigns and shopping cart data effortless.

Measure Success - No More Guesswork
Wondering which page or page element is more likely to lead to a conversion? Attach can show you.

Explore Visitor Behavior
Learn about the reasons behind visitor's actions and compare visitors groups when running paid advertising (PPC) campaign in different engines. Not all visitors in all major engines react the same way. Some engines experience more researchers and window shoppers than actual purchasers. Tracking visitor behavior will help you to tailor your search engine marketing campaigns.

Visitor Segmentation
Catalog and quality group visitors who share common or different criteria, from campaign to clickthrough to checkout. Revisit website usability, landing pages tweaking, keywords refining - all to help you sell to the right target audience and increase your conversion rate.

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