Collaborative Search Engine Marketing - The Art & Technology of Bringing Clients to YOU.

Search Engine Optimization  ::  Results-Oriented and the Most Cost Effective

It's also called Natural Search Engine Optimization or Organic Search Engine Optimization. Long term organic optimization isn't simply about buying traffic, it's about attaining qualified leads and customers, and more importantly, building a strong online presence as long as your site lives.

Search Engines Targeted: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL

SEO Methodology & Scope of Work

  • Develop customized search engine optimization campaign strategy.

  • Conduct keyword traffic research and analysis.

  • Competitive Analysis: Analyze your web site compared to your competitors' sites.

  • Evaluate and make recommendations on site's design, link architecture, and content.

  • Develop content for your site on a regular basis to keep site fresh for engine spidering and user experience. All content developed will be visible, no cloaking techniques will be used.

  • Increase link popularity for your site; link farms or reciprocal links are not used.

  • Copy write and submit your site to Google & Yahoo Directory Listings.

  • Submit your site manually to all major search engines, search directories (Google/Yahoo) and industry related sites.

  • Tracking and analyze conversion - measure ROI via Online and/or Phone Tracking & Conversions.

  • Conduct paid inclusion / xml submissions when necessary.
  • SEO Program Maintenance:

    • Make necessary SEO recommendations

    • Monitor, track, and report your site's rankings

    • Monitor SEO activity on your competitors' sites

    • Continuous on-page optimization and off-page optimization

    • Develop information or content pages for relevant keywords

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